Dzmitry Yaikau

Dzmitry Yaikau - CTO & Partner

Dmitry Yaikov (Dzmitry Yaikau) is a Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of Softswiss company. He holds the executive-level position of Softswiss CTO almost from the very foundation of the company.

Dmitry's professional activities are focused on the field of technological issues and scientific pursuits within the company.

He successfully makes reasoning-based decisions for the all-encompassing technology infrastructure. These decisions are heavily involved with the main Softswiss goals. As a CTO Dzmitry Yaikov, is always aware of existing and brand new technologies. It helps to guide the future development trends of the company.

Softswiss CTO Dmitry Yaikov makes great strides in identifying main risks and business opportunities for the company. He also does good work of recommending and researching the most effective CMS (content management systems) and maintaining relevant information about compliance regulations and standards of technologies.

Research and development of new technologies, IT assets and associated revenue are also Dmitry's duties, which he copes with perfectly.

Among other issues, Yaikov also reveals the company's technology strategy to the employees, Softswiss management, investors of the company and the partners. His skills in assisting with the retention, recruitment, acquisition and sales efforts of the company are highly appreciated in SoftSwiss. Dmitry Yaikau is also a highly qualified professional when dealing with building relationships with customers, communities and vendors.